Building a Remote Company in 2023

Find out how we are trying to redefine the workspace by prioritizing customer service and employee engagement through remote collaboration.

In the fast-moving world of business, creating a digital culture, being able to serve customers instantly and provide an engaging experience is key. That's why at Round Branding, we've ditched the old-school office setup. We focus on delivering top-notch and creative work from wherever we are. This way of working not only works well, but it also makes our customers' experiences better and keeps our team really involved.

The Toolbox for Real-Time Collaboration

Our remote model leverages digital platforms to provide real-time collaboration and impeccable service.

  1. Roam is our go-to online headquarters. It gives us a spot for quick video chats, which is just like popping into someone's office for a quick talk. It feels like we're all working side by side, even though we're not in the same place.
  2. Basecamp streamlines our operations, ensuring that every aspect of customer service reflects our mission statement's promise of quality.
  3. HubSpot helps us keep our brand's message the same everywhere we talk to customers. It makes sure we're always clear and on-brand, no matter how or where we're communicating.

Innovation Beyond Borders

Our approach to remote work has changed how we engage with our audience.

Our design team works all over Mexico. We use video calls to work together like we're in the same room. This way, everyone can share ideas easily, no matter where they are.

Figma lets us share ideas quickly, so we can work together on our designs. Our team is all over Mexico, but it feels like we're right next to each other. Virtual collaboration makes the distance disappear, turning our spread-out team into a plus for our projects.

We use Google's tools for emails and online meetings, too. They help us communicate clearly and keep our unique style, even though we're not face-to-face. These tools ensure our conversations are just as good remotely as they would be in person.

Cultivating a Digital-First Culture

Going remote means embracing a digital-first approach that saves time and strengthens our connections.

With video calls, we keep the personal touch of in-person chats, making our customer service even better. Our shared vision for excellence and innovation brings us together, removing any barriers that geography might create.

A Strategy-Driven Virtual Existence

Our virtual existence is strategically crafted to prioritize customer experiences and employee engagement.

These digital platforms are not just tools; they are extensions of our brand voice and the high-quality service we are known for. Round Branding is omnipresent, with a global reach that aligns with our mission.

Synchronizing Strategy and Aesthetics

In our remote work environment, every virtual meeting, every digital business card, reflects our dedication to delivering high-quality products or services.

We create content that boosts our clients' brands and matches the great experiences we aim to give our customers.

Our work is all about making sure customers get what they expect and love what they see.

Defying the Conventional, Embracing the Infinite

At Round we want to defy conventional borders, enhancing our services through the flexibility and efficiency of remote work.

Our work's quality reflects our growing company culture and our ongoing journey to engage our team effectively.

Partners like Carlos Tamés Mosiño from SharkAds Media and Alan Valderrabano from Black & Orange, and Sebastian Torres embody the mission, guiding with clarity and vision.

Communication: The Core of Remote Success

Effective communication is the heart of our remote collaboration. It transcends video calling and goes into every aspect of our work.

Employee engagement increases when communication and culture are transparent. Our remote model shows that distance doesn't matter when a company culture is based on empathy, honesty, and clarity. This doesn't mean we have solved every problem, we still have much to learn.

In summary, being a remote company is not a step away from our customers but a step closer to creating a work environment that really innovates, creates flexibility, and champions quality.

At Round Branding, we are not just a brand strategy and design agency, we are engaging with a community, and our growth is a testament to the boundless possibilities that await.




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