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Logisa Group, known for its comprehensive approach to complete critical mission project infrastructures, identified the need for a new line of business that would facilitate the direct sale of its products. Thus was born Opton, a marketplace designed to offer technology products without the additional infrastructure services that characterise Logisa.


The main challenge was to create from scratch a brand that aligned with Logisa Group's standards and reputation but at the same time distinguished itself as an independent entity. It was essential that Opton reflected values of innovation, modernity and quality, and that it resonated with both existing Logisa customers and a new market segment of smaller companies that may require their products but not their services.

In collaboration with Logisa, our team at Round Branding carried out an exhaustive naming process, and finally choosing "Opton", inspired by words like "optimal" and "photon". "Opton" evokes the idea of optimal efficiency or brightness in technology, which is essential in data centre infrastructure. This name not only evokes modernity and efficiency, but is also easy to remember and positions well in the digital marketplace.



We developed a logo that uses simple geometric shapes and modern typography to convey Opton's accessibility and technological efficiency. We selected shades of green that are complemented by blues and oranges, colours that communicate growth, innovation and energy. We integrated geometric shapes that not only add a visually appealing touch, but also symbolise the network of connections and advanced technological solutions that Opton offers.

The introduction of Opton has resulted in a positive reception in the market, allowing Logisa Group to expand its reach and offer its products to a wider audience without the need for long-term infrastructure commitments.  The launch of Opton by Logisa Group is an excellent example of how a brand can diversify its service offering while maintaining the essence of its heritage. At Round Branding, we are proud to have contributed to Opton's success, proving once again that smart design and a well-executed brand strategy are critical to growth and expansion in today's competitive marketplace.

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If you want to create a brand strategy or a clear and effective messaging guide for your brand, Round Branding is the agency."

josé marsico

Founder, Body Systems

I highly recommend their services for top-notch branding and designs to elevate your business."


Founder, Roundbox

We are very happy with the work they have done for our brands, very professional"


Director, Training Time


From the very beginning, the team demonstrated a deep understanding of the Oil & Gas industry, which was crucial in capturing the essence of our company. Their creative and detailed approach helped us establish a strong and cohesive brand that truly represents our values and goals.


Carlos Cruz


Their team of experts not only promises, but delivers tangible results. Through their methodology they have helped me curate amazing content and position my brand. 100% recommended if you want to take your brand to the next level.


Jorge Elizondo


If you want to create a brand strategy or a clear and effective messaging guide for your brand, Round Branding is the agency.


José Antonio Marsico


Extremely creative, we are very happy with the work they have done for our brands, very professional.


Adolfo Tuñon

Training Time Forum


Their understanding of the market, combined with creative finesse, resulted in branding that not only stands out but also stands for something


Elmer Sare

Fenix Cannabis


They took the time to understand my vision and target audience, delivering visually stunning designs.


Avi Richards





Our approach is centered on enhancing your brand and business, ensuring success and strategic alignment while delivering visually stunning results that go beyond mere aesthetics.

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